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Vibbert Wins AG Cup Shooting A-Tip™ Match & Wraps Up Phenomenal Year

Grand Island, NE — What do you do when 19 of the world’s best shooters are standing between you and a $20,000 payday? You bring your “A Game” and shoot A-Tip™ Match bullets.

That’s how Hornady® sponsored shooter Jake Vibbert won the Armageddon Gear Cup Precision Rifle Competition — the newest and hottest match in the shooting world — on Oct. 28-30 in Blakely, GA.

“It was good to come out on top,” the Cheney, WA, resident said. “It was definitely a challenge!”

Vibbert isn’t one to back down from such a test. He has 26 national-level wins to his credit; which is more than anyone else in the sport.

“This particular match was on a different level,” he said.

Of the 20 shooters invited to the inaugural AG Cup, each had won at least one two-day national-level long-range competition. The list of invitees was a veritable who’s who of long-range shooting.

In addition to his own well-documented skill, Vibbert brought to bear the 6mm 110 gr A-Tip™ Match bullet.

“It was a no-brainer for me,” he said of his decision to shoot A-Tip™ in this match of matches. “It’s really the shooter’s friend.”

Vibbert was one of a lucky handful to enjoy early access to A-Tip™ Match. He received 1,000 preproduction bullets in October 2018 and won that year’s Arizona Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge on Nov. 3-4 in Paulden, AZ, shooting A-Tip™.

“They shot so well, I couldn’t get another bullet to shoot like that,” he said. “I just love the consistency. I love how accurate they are.”

Vibbert previously shot 6mm 108 gr ELD® Match from Hornady® in competition.

“That’s a really good bullet, but it’s not as consistent as the A-Tip™,” he said.

“When it comes to long-range shooting, consistency across the board is king,” said Jayden Quinlan, Hornady® lead ballistic engineer for A-Tip™ Match. “From a design standpoint, on these bullets, we’ve spent a ton of time and effort in making every aspect of them consistent.”

Vibbert also praised A-Tip™ for its high ballistic coefficient and ease of loading.

Then there are the results on the range. Vibbert finished this shooting season with six victories, including three in the National Rifle League and two in the Precision Rifle Series, as well as the AG Cup win. He had 12 total podium finishes this year.

“I’m going to try to extend it next year,” Vibbert said. You can bet he’ll keep shooting A-Tip™ bullets.

“It’s definitely my first choice,” he said. “It wins championships.”

A-Tip™ Match bullets feature an aluminum tip that’s precision machined and longer than polymer tips. That moves the center of gravity and enhances inflight stability, resulting in tighter groups and reduced drag variability. In addition, A-Tip™ bullets are sequentially packaged for the ultimate in consistent performance.

Founded in 1949, Hornady® Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly manufacturing products that are made in the USA, Hornady® Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool, accessory and security product design and manufacturing.

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