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Team Hornady® Finishes 2014 Season With Impressive Wins

Team Hornady® finished the 2014 competition season strong, with impressive wins in recent 3-Gun and action pistol matches.

Purgatory Flats Multi-Gun

Team Hornady® members Travis Gibson and Scott McGregor were impressed by the flawless performance of their Hornady® ammo in the Purgatory Flats Multi-Gun match, December 5-7, 2014 at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range in St. George, Utah.

A first-time competitor in the match, Travis Gibson (photo by Yamil Sued) won the Open Division, shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 55-grain Steel Match® for long-range targets set out to 602 yards, and Hornady® 115-grain HAP® hand loaded bullets in his pistol. "Steel Match performed consistently, which provided fast recovery at each target," said Gibson. "I was flat worn out at some stages, but knowing my Hornady ammo would function carried me mentally to win six of the nine stages. I'll definitely be back in 2015."

Delivering a strong performance for his first time at the Flats, Scott McGregor finished third in the Limited Division shooting a variety of Hornady® ammo. Choosing iron sights for his rifle, McGregor relied on the accuracy and reliability of Hornady® 223 75-grain Steel Match® for the long-range targets. McGregor said, "For the bay stages where cardboard targets and distances were shorter, I shot Hornady 223 55 grain Steel Match and Hornady 9mm 115 grain Steel Match in my pistol. From shooting a pistol from a rollercoaster, to a rifle from a wooden suspension bridge, it was, it was reassuring to know Hornady would perform at every stage."

Now in its third year, the match nicknamed "Hard as Hell" was filled with live fire experiences, that tested the fortitude of competitors and created stressful situations using obstacles, rope bridges, culvert tunnels through berms, a slack line and even a hand-built roller coaster. Open to professionals and amateurs, entrants ranged in age from 10 to 70 years old, and have earned the bragging right to say they completed a wicked course of fire designed by Ken Nelson.

Surefire World Multi-Gun Championship

Team Hornady® members competed with the world's best professional 3-Gunners from the United States, Finland, Canada and the Philippines at the Surefire World Multi-Gun Championship. The invitational, inaugural match was held November 14-16, 2014 and hosted by the Pro Gun Club in Boulder, Nev.

Loading on the move and shooting off-tempo, competitors ran 16 mentally and physically challenging stages, which included long-range and short-fast targets. Adding to the complexity of the match, two stages required shooting at night, with competitors using lasers, headlamps or flashlights taped to their barrels. Low-light conditions made targets look smaller, and sight orientation to acquire targets added tension.

Team Hornady® fueled their firearms with a variety of ammo that performed flawlessly despite the dusty, gritty natural terrain of the open dessert.

Keith Garcia finished third in the Tac Optics Division shooting Hornady® 9mm 115-grain XTP® in his pistol, and Hornady® 223 Rem 55-grain FMJ for short-range and 75-grain BTHP Superformance® for long-range in his rifle. Garcia said, "This dynamic match was a true test of shooting ability and accurate ammo."

Barry Dueck was runner up in Heavy Optics Division, shooting Hornady® 9mm 147-grain XTP® in his pistol. For close range targets he shot Hornady® 308 Win 125-grain SST® and Hornady® 178-grain Match™ for long-range targets in his rifle.

Runner up in the Open Division was Michael Voigt, shooting Hornady® 125-grain 9mm HAP® bullets in his 38 Super Comp pistol, and Hornady® 55-grain TAP® and 75-grain Match® in his 223 Rem carbine. Voigt said, "Every bullet went exactly where it was pointed, every single time I pressed the trigger. It was ammo perfection!"

Travis Gibson finished fourth in the Open Division shooting Hornady® 115-grain reload bullets in his 9mm pistol. Gibson added, "I shot Hornady 55 grain Steel Match® ammo in my rifle because it's consistent at different elevations and temperatures, which makes it a great choice when traveling to various locations."

Shooting Hornady® 9mm 1150-grain HAP® Steel Match® in her pistol, Dianna Muller finished third Lady in the Tac Optics Division. For long-range targets where precision and accuracy was critical, Muller chose Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Steel Match®.

Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Challenge

This year's Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge at the Spartan Tactical Range in Jacksboro, Texas was no match for the uncompromising accuracy of Hornady® ammunition. The 10-stage, 3-day match took place October 3-5, 2014. Competitors shot at paper, slug and reactive long-distance targets set in 750 acres of knee high cactus and unforgiving terrain. Whether targets were cloaked in the shadows of dense tree cover or behind bushes, Hornady® bullets delivered winning results.

Jerry Miculek won the Open Division for the second year in a row shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Steel Match® ammo in his rifle, and Hornady® 9mm 115-grain HAP® bullets in his pistol.

Kelly Neal was runner up in both Tactical Optics and LEO Division shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Steel Match® in his rifle and 115-grain HAP® Steel Match® in his pistol.

Tate Moots and Scott McGregor both rounded out the top ten in the Tac Heavy Division shooting Hornady® 308 Win 155-grain Steel Match® in their rifles and Hornady® 115-grain FMJ bullets in their handguns.

CA State IDPA Championship

On the West Coast of California, Team Hornady® member Bobby McGee finished first in the ESP Master Division at the 2014 California State IDPA Championship. The Tier 3 IDPA sanctioned match held at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center on October 4, 2014 created 11 stages of real life-based scenarios, testing shooters' quick response to good guy/bad guy situations.

Shooting Hornady® 9mm 147-grain XTP® bullets in his handgun, McGee said, "I trust the accuracy of Hornady bullets whether I'm shooting at a lot of tight shot grouped targets or at targets set as close as two to 17 yards away, XTP bullets are always reliable and come through for me."

Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun

Fueled by the accuracy and dependable results Hornady® bullets consistently deliver, Team Hornady® turned in winning performances at BRM 3-Gun. The Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun match returned to Kentucky October 16-18, 2014 forcing competitors to problem solve at each of the nine stages. Traversing the natural terrain, which turned slippery and wet from recent rains, competitors safely transitioned their pistol, rifle and shotguns while running and gunning many of the long stages.

Kelly Neal won the Tac Optics Division shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Steel Match® in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm 115-grain Steel Match® in his pistol. Neal said, "Steel Match never lets me down. Its accuracy in both rifle and pistol makes short work of 400-yard rifle plates and 50-yards+ pistol shots."

Ryan Muller finished tenth in the Tac Optics Division out of 153 competitors shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Steel Match® in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm 124-grain FMJ RN hand load bullets in his pistol.

Jeff Cramblit finished fifteenth in Tac Optics Division shooting Hornady® 53 grain V-MAX® Superformance® in his 223 Rem rifle for its flat trajectory, and Hornady® 9mm 124-grain FMJ in his pistol.

Trip McIngvale was runner up in Tac Irons Division, shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain BTHP Match in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm 147 XTP® in his pistol for the steel knockdown targets.

IPSC World Shoot XVII

The IPSC World Shoot XVII 2014 got underway in Frostproof, Fla. as members of Team Hornady® represented Team USA. The Opening Ceremonies began October 13, 2014, with a Parade of Nations totaling 78 countries and 2,000 competitors marching through the public streets of Lakeland, Fla. After six days of competing and skillfully executing 30 challenging stages, Team Hornady® earned the following medals:

Winning a Gold Medal in each category, Michael Voigt won Open Senior, Open Senior Shoot-Off, and Open Senior Team shooting Hornady® 9mm 121-grain HAP® bullets in his pistol.

Maggie Reese won the Bronze medal as a member of the Ladies Production USA Team, shooting Hornady® 9mm 147-grain XTP® in her pistol.

Jessie Duff won the Gold medal as a member of the Ladies Open USA Team shooting Hornady® 9mm 125-grain HAP® bullets in her pistol.

3-Gun Nation Regional

Hornady® Manufacturing a world leader in bullet, ammunition and reloading tools congratulates the performances of team members at the 3-Gun Nation Regional. Whether competitors were shooting on the move or engaging targets up close, the accuracy and dependability of Hornady® ammo gave them the added confidence for a winning edge attitude.

The two-day Southwestern Regional match held October 11-12, 2014, included fast paced bay style stages and long range rifle targets staged throughout the natural terrain of the rolling hills of Marble Falls, Texas.

Winning the division title in Tac Optics for the third time, Keith Garcia shot Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Superformance® ammo in his rifle, and Hornady® 9mm 115-grain XTP® in his pistol. Garcia said, "Superformance bullets are always accurate, packing a mean punch when activating flash targets. I like the light recoil of XTP bullets."

Jerry Miculek won the Open Division for the second time shooting Hornady® 75-grain Steel Match® in his rifle, and Hornady® 9mm 115 HAP® in his pistol.

Travis Gibson finished sixth in Scoped Tactical Division shooting Hornady® 55-grain Steel Match® in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm 115-grain HAP® reload bullets in his 9mm pistol.

Delivering an impressive performance, Dianna Muller was runner up in the Ladies Division, shooting Hornady® 75-grain Steel Match® .223 in her rifle and Hornady® 124-grain 9mm in her pistol.

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