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2014 USPSA Area 3 Championship

Louisiana native Blake Miguez of Team Hornady® won his third Limited Division title at the 2014 Hornady® USPSA Area 3 Championship, August 1-3, 2014. Counting on the pinpoint accuracy of Hornady® bullets, Miguez shot 200-grain HAP® bullets in his 40 S&W pistol to win seven of the 13 stages.

Topping out a field of 99 competitors in the Limited Division, Miguez said, "If you're serious about the accuracy of your bullets hitting the targets, you want Hornady ammo backing you up. It's dependable and affordable."

Hornady® Manufacturing has sponsored the Level III match for the past five years at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Neb. Match Director Sherwyn Greenfield, designed 13 difficult stages using props to force 300 competitors into uncomfortable shooting positions. Whether it was shooting inside of a faux helicopter cockpit, leaning on a simulated rooftop or a range bag tethered to their strong hand, competitors shooting skills and mental abilities were tested on every level.

Greenfield added, "Hornady's continued support has enabled us to see a yearly increase in registration. Growth in shooting sports is always positive."

World Professional Shooting Champion, Doug Koenig  won his 21st Masters International Shooting Championship title, August 7-9, 2014 in Pasa Park, Ill. Koenig shot Hornady® 6mm 105-grain BTHP bullets in his long-range handgun and Hornady® 9mm 115-grain HAP® bullets in his handgun to knock down 3/8" thick hinged steel plates.

The match consists of three events - Handgun Action, Handgun Long Range and Handgun Precision – which plays to Koenig's strengths. "The dead-on accuracy of Hornady bullets allows me to focus on my job, which boosts my frame of mind when I'm on the range," he said.

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