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Hornady® Test Protocol

  • Location: Hornady Manufacturing Ballistics Laboratory, Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Elevation: 1,800 feet ASL | Temperature: 74º F
  • Bullet Velocity [feet per second, fps] All trajectories and associated velocities are from SAAMI minimum specification test barrels. An Oehler model 35 P with model 55 skyscreens was used for velocity measurements. Bullet velocity was measured at a distance of 15 feet from the muzzle. Down range velocities shown in the ballistic tables are calculated with an exterior ballistics computer program.

Trajectory Tables

Trajectory was calculated using a computer code. As a general rule, "zeros" were selected to keep the maximum height of the trajectory (maximum ordinate) 3.0" or less. A (-) sign indicates the trajectory of the bullet is below the line of sight. A (+) sign indicated the trajectory of the bullet is above the line of sight. All trajectories were calculated for 80º F and 29.90 inches of mercury atmospheric pressure. For 24" barreled 223 and 20" and longer barreled 308 rifles, it was assumed that they would be used as precision rifles with click adjustable scopes. Basic "come-ups," in minute of angle (MOA) from a 100 yard zero, are provided out to a distance of 300 yards as a guide for the Police and Military marksman. A (-) sign indicates the marksman must dial the scope down from the 100 yard zero.

With the exception of TAP CQ® handgun ammunition, all Hornady® ammunition featured in this Application Guide is tested according to established FBI Penetration Testing protocol. TAP CQ® handgun ammunition is tested through bare gelatin and heavy clothing only.

An explanation of the official FBI Penetration Testing is included on the following five pages.

Note: The data provided in this report is intended as a guide for making informed choices. Actual bullet trajectory and terminal performance may vary depending on the velocity of the bullet in your weapon, atmospheric conditions, type of materials encountered and the anatomical structures contacted.

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